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MCF Securities is a Exempt Market Dealer registered with the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC), British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC), Nova Scotia Securities Commission (NSSC), Consumer, Corporate and Financial Services Division, Justice and Public Safety, Government of Prince Edward Island and headquartered in North York, Toronto. We are dedicated to helping you, your family, and your business to meet investment goals and generate attractive returns by harnessing our expertise.

At MCF Securities, we provide our investors with the opportunity to participate in alternative investments that are not offered to the general public and are either exclusively offered by us or through a limited number of dealers.

Based on years of investment experience and through a high reputation in the community, we are not only able to understand the needs of our clients on a personal level but also offer exceptional advantages by playing an important role in building the long-term future prosperity for our investors within a growing and dynamic marketplace. So far, hundreds of transactions that we have successfully completed representing tens of millions across fixed income, private equity, mortgages, real estate, etc.

Our values

Our Approaches

  • Institutional ApproachWe take an instituional approach and provide you with beyond retail quality investments.
  • True AdviceWe advise you with your best interests at heart.
  • Superior PerformanceWe provide you with superior risk adjusted performance, and sophisticated performance reporting that helps you understand your investments better.
  • Integrated ServiceWe offer you and your family a one-stop shop and all-rounded financial service.

Client Success Stories

  • “I met MCF Securities though referral of a friend. Before that, my investment portfolio was GICs.

    The representatives from MCF Securities showed me different investment options that have significantly higher return than GIC and risk acceptable to me. I feel much more confident now about my retirement life.”

  • “Exempt Market products really opened my eyes! I learned a tremendous amount about Exempt Market products through the reprensentatives from MCF Securities at the first meeting. During the second meeting, we discussed my investment goals and my current portfolio. At the third meeting, the representatives from MCF Securities presented me with two investment products that could add onto my current portfolio in order to balance market risk and potentially increase overall return. The whole process was professional, smooth and informative.”

  • “I am a new immigrant to Canada and arrived in a small city just 50 minutes away from Toronto. All my investments back in China were in Private Equity, and that was how our family had grown our wealth. However, we didn’t find these investment opportunities through banks. Thanks to my accountant who invited me to a seminar hosted by MCF Securities, I learned about how Private Equity plays an important role in Canadian capital markets, and I also learned about the ways to invest in it. I felt that these experiences of growing my wealth gave me another important reason to love my new Canadian life.”

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