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Private Real Estate Funds

Private real estate funds provide exposure to real estate with steady cash flow and attractive return uncorrelated to equity market. Leveraging professional real estate operating companies, investors could enjoy the benefits of owning real estates with a peace of mind.

Real Estate Investment Trusts (“REIT”)

Similar to private real estate funds, REIT investors could enjoy the attractive return from real estate exposure without the hassle to operate themselves. In addition, REIT usually provides better liquidity and higher annual distribution than private real estate funds.

Mortgage Investment Corporations (“MIC”)

A MIC is a company invest in mortgages only and mainly generates return from interest earned on mortgage loans. Backed by underlying real estate, MICs provide predictable steady return through different market conditions.

Private Equities

Private equities provide investors access to the return generated from private companies before their public offerings. The return is uncorrelated to public market performance and could improve the diversification of your portfolio, hence lower the overall risk level. Companies usually grow faster before they become public companies, therefore provide higher return to investors.

Venture Capital

Venture capital provide essential financing to startups in their early or growth stage. In return, investors could share the value increase comes with exponential growth through innovation in technology and or business model.

Fund of Funds

Fund of funds invest into a pool of funds with different strategies. Designed to achieve diversification and benefit from selected strategies, fund of funds could be a one-stop solution for investors who want to have a diversified portfolio that perform under all market conditions.

Hedge Funds

Hedge funds utilize one or more investment techniques and could invest in a wide range of assets. With flexibility that mutual funds do not have, hedge funds design their unique investment strategies to achieve higher risk-adjusted return and to be consistent regardless of market conditions.

Principal Protected Notes

PPN is a financial instrument issued and backed by large financial institution that provides exposure to the performance of certain market, such as stocks, bonds, interest rate and currency market, while protects your principal. PPN is particularly suitable to investors who want to have their principal protected but are not satisfied with the return of GICs.

Tax Incentives Oriented

Tax incentives oriented strategies are designed to leverage the tax incentives provided by the government as an enhancement of return. As tax incentives are independent to market condition, tax incentives oriented strategies could provide higher risk-adjusted return to investors.

Corporate Finance

Our responsive team provides business owners professional advice to help you navigate complex corporate finance decision-making. From deal structuring to fundraising through our extensive distribution network, we are here to help your business grow.

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